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click to enlarge Blumenson, Martin. BLOODY RIVER: The Real Tragedy of the Rapido. Houghton Mifflin Co. 1970, VG+/VG+. Book Club edition. Nice clean copy with no flaws. Dust jacket in mylar protector. Photographs, maps, appendix, bibliographical note, index, 157 pages. "In the shadow of Monte Cassino on January 21-22, 1944, the U.S. Army's 36th "Texas" Division tried to cross Italy's Rapido River. The rout of this former National Guard unit from Texas was one of the worst defeats Americans suffered on the battlefields of World War II, one that prompted veterans to present charges of incompetent leadership before Congress."


click to enlarge Comeau, M.G., OPERATION MERCURY: A British Airman's First-Hand Account of the Fall of Crete in 1941. Patrick Stephens Limited, Somerset, England, 1991. Reprinted & expanded from the William Kimber & Co. 1961 edition., NEW, a mint copy. OUT OF PRINT. Maps, photographs, appendices, bibliography, index, 232 pp. "The classic account of one of the great reversals of the war, now updated with recently unearthed information.


click to enlarge Davin, D.M., CRETE. Battery Press reprint edition of the original 1953 edition published in New Zealand. Hardcover issued without dust jacket; 58 photos/drawings; 28 maps; 565 pages. A volume in the official history of New Zealand in world War II. Originally published in 1953, this volume is probably the best overall account of the operations in Crete in 1941. This volume chronicles in great detail not onlyu he operations of the New Zealand forces defending Crete, but an excellent study of the opposing German parachute forces during the battlke of April/May l94l. A detailed day by day account of all operations to the surrender and withdrawal on June lst 1941.


click to enlarge Historical Sections, 5th U.S. Army, IV Corps, 19 DAYS: The Final Campaign across Northwest Italy. Battery Press, 1988. NEW copy. Hardcover with dust jacket. 95 photos/drawings; 19 maps. This is a combination book consisting of two booklets published just after the war by units in Italy to cover the Po Valley campaign in April/May 1945.


click to enlarge Kelly, Sgt. Charles E. (Commando), with Pete Martin, ONE MAN'S WAR. N.Y.: Alfred A. Knopf., 1944. First Edition. NF/VG. Book is bright & tight. Jacket without chips or tears, just some very minor soiling. Original "$2.00" price still on jacket. As nice a copy as one is likely to find. Inscribed & dated by author (Sept 18, 1944). Photographs, 182 pages. Author won Medal of Honor during Invasion of Italy. Book is also the only known history of the 143rd Infantry Regiment. ~~~ OUT OF PRINT.


click to enlarge Wingate, John, D.S.C., NEVER SO PROUD: Crete, May 1941 ~ The Battle and Evacuation. Meredith Press,, 1966. VG/VG. First U.S. Edition. Minor flaws to jacket, which is in a mylar protector. Map on endpapers, appendix, 236 pages.


click to enlarge Irwin, John P., ANOTHER RIVER, ANOTHER TOWN: A Teenage Tank Gunner Comes of Age in Combat, 1945. NEW copy, hardcover with dust jacket. (Random House, 2002). 176 pages.
~~~ From Kirkus Reviews: "The last days of WWII in Europe as seen -- deftly, and not without its measure of absurdity -- from inside a Sherman tank, by its gunner. The Battle of the Bulge created a need for personnel in the Allied armies, and Irwin was one of those who helped fill that need. Armored warfare was his destiny, and he was put in charge of the tank's cannon. He might have been a bad boy -- one of his joys in enlisting was that he didn't have to finish high school -- but he has a native intelligence that makes the kind of storyteller who keeps the pace and tone just right, embroidered but not to the point of Irish lace, one who is able to let spring from his words, seemingly unbidden, intelligent reflections on the nature of combatants versus enemies or comrades versus friends. He can also make plain and clear what it was like to drive a tank through the last months of war, through the Rhineland and against the last unyielding remnants of German resistance, through Marburg, Paderborn, Haarbruck, and Dessau; how it felt to kill children as they approached his tank with bombs; how it felt to venture into a slave labor camp after a battle. What Irwin excels at is giving a sense of the mayhem and constant insecurity of warfare, the never knowing where you're going to be sent, what you're going to run up against, how you're going to react -- in, for example, the strange face-to-face encounters with the German soldiers in combat, not hand to hand but human to human. Irwin, for instance, shakes a captured German tank gunner's hand for an act of uncommon bravery against Irwin's own tank, simply because he knew what it was like to have done it. The rest of Irwin's tank crew understood just as well. An ace of a wartime narrative: rawboned, terrible, and possessing its own strange kind of humor."
~~~ Originally published at $21.95, now OUT OF PRINT.


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