U.S. Naval Operations in the Mexican War, 1846-1848

K. Jack Bauer

NF/NF, United States Naval Institute, 1969. Original "$12.50" price still intact on dust jacket. Maps, illustrations, notes, bibliography, chronology and other appendices, index, 291 pp.

"...The story of the Navy's role in the Mexican War -- the war that extended the southern and western boundaries ofthe United States to essentially their present limits. So vital and ubiquitous was the Navy in that war -- it operated on land as often as it did at sea -- that a book concerntrating on these campaigns is long overdue. In spite of an almost total lack of guidance from far-away Washington, the constant of bad weather, and the menace of yellow fever, the U.S. Navy performed difficult and unusual operations in that war that deserve the scholarly and deliberate attention of a book such as this." ~~ Contains numerous references to and descriptions of U.S. Marine activities.

An especially nice copy, with jacket in a mylar protector.