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Biggy, David. , LIGHTHOUSES: Maine to Florida. . NEW copy, hardcover. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, April 2009). 201 color photographs, index, 144 pages.
The United States’ East Coast is rich in maritime history, including a wide array of beautiful lighthouses that mark areas laden with dangerous shoals, shallow points, and rocky bluffs. They mark points of particular concern for mariners traveling the nearby waters.
~~~ While lighthouses' existence as navigational aids has diminished since the eras when they were constructed, these proud sentinels remain popular attractions of historical significance.
~~~ The beacons stand as symbols of strength against the forces of nature and relentless power of the sea in each locale they protect. Throughout this unforgettable journey from Maine to Florida, you'll enjoy 200 stunning images and be inspired to take driving trips of your own. You will see what makes a lighthouse such an attractive object of affection for those who care about them and help keep them shining. A state-by state list of the organizations that preserve them is included. The beautiful photography of these beacons is a story in itself, one that may change your view of lighthouses forever.


Bostick, Douglas W. , THE MORRIS ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE: Charleston's Maritime Beacon. . NEW copy, trade PAPERBACK. (Charleston, SC: The History Press, 2008). Over 55 black & white photographs, 128 pages.
~~~ Douglas Bostick, historian and former director of Save the Light, Inc., recounts the stories of the many lightkeepers and their families who braved meager provisions, low pay and grueling conditions living on a small island at the entrance to Charleston Harbor.


Gibbs, Jim, , TWILIGHT ON THE LIGHTHOUSES. . NEW copy, oversized PAPERBACK. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1996). 152 pages.
Men (and women) of the sea have long depended on lighthouses. These sentinels, from California to British Columbia, are pictured and discussed historically in great detail by author Jim Gibbs. The lighthouse keepers are portrayed heroically while their jobs are gradually being phased out.


Lanigan-Schmidt, Therese, , GHOSTLY BEACONS: Haunted Lighthouses of North America. . NEW copy, trade PAPERBACK. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1996). 33 b&w photographs, 160 pages.
A hundred years after their deaths, meet keepers who still keep the lights burning. Meet their spurned lovers, who moan and wail; wronged wives, who play pianos; bereaved mothers, who still search for their children; and devoted housewives, who still lend a hand with the cleaning chores-all long-since passed away, at least from this realm. Travel 'round the borders of this great country, visiting the remote lighthouses of the two great oceans, and along the shores of the Great Lakes. Learn the grisly tales of disastrous deaths and unsolved murders, lost loves, and hurrendous storms. A wonderful read for all who love lighthouses or goosebump adventures.