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Major D.W. Geisenhof, USMC

Operations Officer for 1/10,
the artillery battalion supporting Regimental Combat Team--2.
Major Geisenhof comments on policies to limit
civilian casualties and provides photos of two Iraqi howitzers
positioned in civilian neighborhoods on the eastern side of Nasiriyah.

1st Lt E.A. Meador, USMC

Executive Officer, Company C, 1st Bn 2d Marine Regiment, 2d MEB.
Lt Meador offers a corrected and more complete account
of the Battle of An Nasiriyah (23 March 2003),
than the several accounts which appeared in the media.

SSgt Christopher Reese

SSgt Reese, a photographer with the 4th Civil Affairs Group,
assigned to the Marines, describes his travels with them
through the towns of An Diwaniyah, An Najaf, Karbala and Hillah
(known in the Bible as Babylon) in southern Iraq
during April, 2003.

Sgt J.D. Garner, USMC

Sgt Garner served as a corporal in Operation Iraqi Freedom
as part of Marine Logistics Command (MLC), augmented from the
2nd Force Service Support Group out of Camp Lejeune, NC.
He and his unit were flown over to Kuwait on February 14th, 2003,
and he returned with a detachment on August 15th 2003, just about
six months later. During that time Sgt Garner volunteered for
convoy security duty with Marine Security Detachment 1 (MSD-1)
based at Camp Coyote and running to all points in Kuwait
and many in Iraq.

CWO5 Thomas G. Tomka, USMCR

CWO5 Tomka describes an ambush in Saddam City,
where Corpsmen and Marines placed themselves
in the line of fire for the sake of pulling
wounded civilians to safety.

CWO5 Tomka served in three wars. In Vietnam (1968-1969)
he served as an infantryman with 3d Battalion,
4th Marines, and was twice wounded. During the Gulf War
(1990-1991), he was with 3d Air Naval Gunfire
Liaison Company (ANGLICO), assigned to 1st ANGLICO
and saw action near Al Wafra and along the coastal highway
invasion into Kuwait City. He was awarded a Bronze Star
with Combat "V." His reserve unit was activated shortly
after September 11th 2001, and he served in the Global War
on Terrorism (2002) as a quick reaction force.
In January 2003, his unit was transferred to the command
of the 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Regiment
and he saw combat during the liberation of Iraq (2003).

Lance Corporal Joel Murray, USMC

Lance Cpl. Murray describes his experience in the Battle for An Nasiriyah.

LtCol Doug Feiring, USMC

LtCol Feiring was Regimental Combat Team 2 Communications Officer at An Nasariyah, and details his experiences in his
Iraqi Freedom Diary: A Personal Account of the Battle of An Nasiriyah.

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