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Buchanan, John, HISTORY OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN FORCES IN FRANCE. NEW copy. Battery Press, 1992. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. 18 photos/drawings, 22 map, 404 pages.
~~~ Originally published in 1920, this is a South African Official History for WWI. It covers the South African reinforced Brigade sent to Europe during WW 1. Raised from many famous regiments of South Africa & Rhodesia, they were sent at first to Egypt in 1915, where they fought in the Western Desert to suppress the Senussi Revolt. Sent to France in 1916 they were attached to the 9th Scottish Division. They saw hard fighting during the Somme offensive in 1916, including the battles of Delville Wood & Butte de Warlencourt. During 1917 they fought at Arras and Cambrai. In 1918 they were in the Spring retreat, the counter-offensive, including the battle of Lys and the summer offensive.


Christensen, Christen, BLOCKADE AND JUNGLE. NEW copy. Battery Press, 2003. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. Photographs, map, 270 pages.
~~~ The story of a German sailor who participated in the German East Africa campaign under General Lettow-Vorbeck.


Clifford, Sir Hugh, THE GOLD COAST REGIMENT IN THE EAST AFRICAN CAMPAIGN. NEW copy. Battery Press, 1995. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. 8 photos/drawings, 5 maps, 316 pages.
~~~ This is an extremely scarce unit history which presents a very detailed account of the West African soldiers from the Gold Coast (now Ghana) who fought in German East Africa against the German troops under Gen. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, 1916 to 1918.


Collyer, Brigadier J.J., THE CAMPAIGN IN GERMAN SOUTH WEST AFRICA, 1914-1915. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press reprint edition. 180 pages, including maps.
~~~ Originally published as part of the South African official history set for World War I. This volume is a detailed account of the only campaign that was planned, executed and successfully carried out solely by a Dominion force in WW I, that of the Union of South Africa. It is a very detailed operational account of the operations to capture the German held colony of German South-West Africa. There are chapters on the military situation in 1914, battles at Sandfontein and Swakopmund, engagements at Riet, Pforte and Jakalswater, Gibeon Station and Otavifontein plus orders of battle. Numerous situation maps & many orders of battle complete this account.


NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press, 2004. Reprint edition. 320 pages, including 31 maps.
~~~ Originally published in 1939 as an official history for South African involvement in World War I, this history covers operations from February 1916 to January 1917. There are chapters on the situation prior to the arrival of General Smuts, the occupation of the Kilimanjaro area, operations of the 1st Division in a number of battles and operations of General Van Deventer. German reponses are shown throughout. The book ends with a 'lessons learned' chapter with conclusions on the entire campaign.


Dane, Edmund, BRITISH CAMPAIGNS IN AFRICA AND THE PACIFIC. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press, 2002. 9 maps, 230 pages.
~~~ Excellent survey of British World War I operations in Togoland, the Cameroons, German Southwest Africa, German East Africa and China. Only 200 copies were printed. Due to copyright considerations, available US residents only.


Fendall, Brigadier Charles P., THE EAST AFRICAN FORCE, 1915-1919. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press, 1992. 21 photos/drawings, 264 pages.
~~~ This excellent study describes the operations of British & Colonial units which fought in East Africa against the Germans under Gen. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck during the last two years of WWI.


Hordern, Charles, MILITARY OPERATIONS, EAST AFRICA, VOLUME I, 1914-1916. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press, 1990 edition of original 1941 edition. 76 maps, 720 pages.
~~~ This is a volume in the British official history set for ground operations in World War I. It was originally published in 1941. Military Operations East Africa covers British and Commonwealth operations in German East Africa from August 1914 to September 1916 , where more numerous British &* Colonial forces waged a war against the German led native Askari's under General von Lettow-Vorbeck, who remained undefeated at wars end. ONLY VOL.1 was ever completed.


Lettow-Vorbeck, Gen. Paul Von, MY REMINISCENCES OF EAST AFRICA. NEW copy. Battery Press, 1990. Reprint edition. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. 21 photographs/drawings, 346 pages.
~~~ Famed memoir of the WWI campaign in German East Africa written by the German commander. A true WWI classic.


[Lettow-Vorbeck] Walther Dobbertin, LETTOW-VORBECK'S SOLDIERS: A Book of German Fighting Spirit and Military Honor. NEW copy. Battery Press, 2005. Reprint edition. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. Laminated boards, frontis portrait, 120 b&w photographs, 143 pages.
~~~ Originally published in 1932 in Germany, this a dual language (English/German) reprint edition of Die Soldaten Lettow-Vorbeck. Dobbertin was a commercial photographer in German East Africa prior to World War I. When all German men were mobilized in August 1914 to defend the colony, Dobbertin became, in effect, the only combat photographer on the German side. He performed this function until his own capture in 1916. Lettow-Vorbeck's Soldiers contains 120 of the best photos from that campaign. The German text has been translated as well as all of the captions on the photos. This is the 88th release in the Battery Press Great War Series.


Moberly, Brigadier F.J., MILITARY OPERATIONS, TOGOLAND & THE CAMEROONS. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press, 1995. 41 photos/drawings, 15 maps, 584 pages.
~~~ Originally published as part of the British official history set for ground operations in World War I, this volume is a detailed narrative of how West African soldiers from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the Gold Coast and Gambia fought German Colonial forces in the German held colonies of Togoland & the Cameroons. The narrative describes in great detail the swift victory in Togoland and the brutal two year campaign in the Cameroons.


Nigmann, Col. Ernst, GERMAN SCHUTZTRUPPE IN EAST AFRICA; HISTORY OF THE IMPERIAL PROTECTORATE FORCE 1889-1911. NEW copy. Battery Press, 2005. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. 39 photographs/drawings, 20 maps, 292 pages.
~~~ Originally published in 1912 in Germany as an official record for Schutztruppe operations in German East Africa, this history covers Force development, individual battles against the natives in two year increments and appendices with rank rosters and tables of the most important military actions. This is not a reprint but a new English language translation of the original history. Only 300 copies have been printed for serious scholars and students of the Schutztruppe and German East Africa.


South African Army General Staff, THE UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA AND THE GREAT WAR, 1914-1918. NEW copy. Battery Press, 2005. Hardcover issued without dust jacket. 21 photographs/drawings, 24 maps, 230 pages.
~~~ First published in 1924 in a limited edition of 1,000 copies by the S.A. Army General Staff as an official history for S.A. participation in World War I, this account covers all of the S.A. campaigns. There are chapters on German South-West Africa, the two phases of the German East African Campaign, the South African infantry brigade in Egypt, and the S.A. forces in France. There are also appendices with details on South Africans who won the Victorian Cross and a listing of casualties by unit.


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