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click to enlarge Aldrich, Mildred. A HILLTOP ON THE MARNE. VG/VG--. Book is in very nice condition; jacket has some chips & discoloration (see photo) . (NY: Grosset & Dunlap: 1918). 20th Impression (originally published in 1915). Four photographic plates; map of surrounding area on endpages, appendix,188 pages.

In June 1914, the author of this book, a well-known Boston woman, bought a house in the Marne valley, and settled down to enjoy the remainder of her years in peace and comfort. A few weeks later she found herself in the very center of the battle of the Marne. The final British artillery stand was made just behind her house, and it was at her own gates that the advance of the Uhlans was definitely turned back.

This book is made up of letters written from day to day to friends in the United States and England (including Gertrude Stein). Her graphic, matter-of-fact and often humorous narrative of these great events that she actually witnessed, makes a story of unique interest which will be read years after the war is ended. SCARCE in jacket.


click to enlarge Dutourd, Jean. THE TAXIS OF THE MARNE. NF/VG+ An exceptionally nice copy, with clean, unclipped jacket in mylar. (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1957). An apparent First Edition. 245 pages.

(from the dust jacket): This is the 'Handbook of Patriotism' that is the publishing sensation of the year in France, where it has been passionately acclaimed and furiously denounced. Francois Mauriac hails it as 'an important book, an outcry at last!' And The New Yorker reports that it is 'the most talked-about book, for and against, in Paris ... an angry inquiry into what happened to the fibre of the nation ... a comparison between the France of 1914, which had the spunk and imagination to taxi its reinforcements of poilus to the Marne battlefields to save the country's life, and the France of June 1940 when 'the Generals were stupid, the soldiers did not want to die' and France was lost."


click to enlarge von Kluck, Alexander. THE MARCH ON PARIS: The Memoirs of Alexander von Kluck, 1914-1918. NEW copy, hardcover with dust jacket. (Frontline Books, 2012). 6x9. 256 pages.

Von Kluck saw active military service at an early age during the Seven Weeks' War of 1866 and, in 1870-71, the Franco-Prussian War. Rising through the army, he became inspector general of the Seventh Army District in 1913.
~~~ During the First World War von Kluck commanded the German First Army, notably in the Schlieffen Plan offensive against Paris at the start of the war in August 1914. An aggressive commander, von Kluck's impatience (at the request of Second Army commander von Bulow - who was unwilling to allow gaps to appear in the German front - he switched his advance south and east of Paris rather than the planned north and west), allied with a lack of direction from the German High Command and effective French and British counter-attacks, led to the failure of the Schlieffen offensive.
~~~ Von Kluck's role in the plan was to command the extreme right of the German forces in attacking the left flank of the French army and encircling Paris, bringing a rapid conclusion to the war.
~~~ After capturing Brussels on 20 August, von Kluck was almost successful in defeating France, his forces being halted a mere 13 miles from the French capital in the First Battle of the Marne from 6-9 September 1914. His forces had earlier fought costly battles against the British at Mons and at Le Cateau. With the suspension of the German offensive the nature of the battle changed to one of trench warfare, remaining essentially static until the end of the war.
~~~ Von Kluck was himself seriously wounded in the leg in March 1915, retiring from active service the following year in October 1916.


click to enlarge Uffindell, Andrew. THE MARNE 1914: A Battlefield Guide. NEW copy, trade paperback. (Pen and Sword, 2013). 5.25x8.5, 30 color illustrations. 224 pages.

The First Battle of the Marne was one of the most pivotal battles in history. Fought outside Paris in September 1914, it turned the tide of the German invasion of France, and robbed Kaiser Wilhelm II of his best chance of winning the First World War.
~~~~ The battle began when the French and British armies launched a massive counter-offensive, and it ended – after five, tense days of fluctuating fortunes – in a German retreat. The so-called ‘miracle of the Marne’ was among the most crucial episodes of the war, and yet no complete, in-depth guide to the battlefield has been available until now in English.
~~~~ Andrew Uffindell begins his guidebook with a gripping account of the battle, followed by a series of easy-to-follow tours of the battlefield. Each tour covers a particular sector in detail, using vivid eyewitness accounts to reveal what the fighting was like for the men in the front line.
~~~~ This unique and highly illustrated book enables readers to explore the battlefield and retrace the course of those dramatic events for themselves. It gives directions to dozens of museums, cemeteries, and monuments, including the memorials to the famous 'taxis of the Marne'. It will be fascinating reading for anyone interested in the Great War, and an essential companion for visitors keen to see the actual terrain over which the battle was fought.


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