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(Boone), John Bakeless, DANIEL BOONE: Master of the Wilderness. VG/VG. Jacket, in mylar, slightly chipped at head of spine. Original price of "3.50" still intact on jacket flap. Second printing before publication. Stated 'First Edition' on rear of title page, and "SECOND PRINTING" on bottom of dust jacket. Book, in beige buckram with dark red lettering & decorations, in very nice, unfaded condition. Pictorial map on endpages. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations, bibliography, notes, index, xii, 480 pp.

~~~ Laid-in is a letter on William Morrow & Company letterhead, dated 27 Dec 1939 to a Mr Porter Welch, The Burrows Brothers Co., which reads in part: "...Immediately on receiving your letter of December 20, I searched high and low for two first editions of DANIEL BOONE and I am glad to say, by stooping to theft, I was able to get them for you and to send them along. One of the copies I stole from my own book case and the other I grabbed from Mr. Hobson when his back was turned!" The letter is signed "Polly Street", Director of Sales & Advertising at Wm Morrow & Co.
~~~ "Drawing upon much hitherto unpublished material, John Bakeless here provides the first authentic, detailed account of Boone's escape from his captivity as adopted son of Blackfish, the Shawnee chief; the first accurate story of Boone's departure in search of 'elbow-room', forced out ofthe lands he had charted for others; and the first systematic correlation of British documents with the dramatic events in Kentucky during those years when the frontier hung in the balance between the mother country and the new nation of the Thirteen Fires."


(Boone), Bakeless, John, DANIEL BOONE: Master of the Wilderness. NEW copy, trade paperback. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press: Bison Books, 1989), Reprint of the original 1939 edition. Introduction to this edition by Michael A. Lofaro Illustrations, bibliography, notes, index, 480 pp.

~~~ "An authoritative biography of one of the most romantic figures of our history, and a contribution to the story of the settlement of the first trans-Appalachian West."—Henry Steele Commager, New York Herald Tribune
~~~ "An engrossing and illuminating book. . . . It is unlikely that future writers will find much to add to the record here given."—Allan Nevins, Saturday Review of Literature
~~~ "Too much credit can hardly be given the author for the careful, painstaking, and scholarly way in which lie has sought out, checked, and rechecked all the material available . . . dealing with the life and times of the old frontiersman."—Atlantic
~~~ "A grand and readable tale, the most complete and reliable so far of the beau ideal of the older America, the model of buckskin knight-errantry.”—Christian Science Monitor
~~~ In his introduction to this edition of Daniel Boone: Master of the Wilderness, Michael A. Lofaro, a professor of English at the University of Tennessee and the author of The Life and Adventures of Daniel Boone, assesses John Bakeless's achievement: "After fifty years his is still the standard by which all other biographies of the frontiersman are judged."


(Boone), John Mason Brown, DANIEL BOONE: The Opening of the Wilderness. VG/VG--. Edgewear & numerous small tears to jacket. (NY: Random House, 1952). Landmark Book #21. Uncommon in jacket.


(Boone), James Daugherty, DANIEL BOONE. VG/VG--. 2" tear to rear panel of jacket. (NY: Viking, 1939). Original lithographs in color by author.


(Boone), Allan Eckert, THE COURT-MARTIAL OF DANIEL BOONE. NEW copy, hardcover in dust jacket. (Charleston: West Virginia Book Company), 309 pp.
~~~ Based on a true, but little-known, episode in Daniel Boone?s life. Eckert recreates the legendary frontiersman?s severest test, the trial for his life at Boonesborough in 1778. A captain during the Revolutionary War, Boone faces a court-martial and hanging for such high crimes as betraying his command to the Indians, conspiring to surrender Boonesborough, consorting with the enemy, and accepting favors from the British.


(Boone), John Mack Faragher, DANIEL BOONE: The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer. NEW copy, trade paperback. SIGNED BY AUTHOR. Maps, photographs, illustrations, Sources of Quoted Materials, Index, 429 pages.
~~~ In the first and most reliable biography of Daniel Boone in more than fifty years, award-winning historian John Mack Faragher portrays America's famous frontier hero. Drawing from popular narrative, the public record, scraps of documentation from Boone's own hand, and a treasure of reminiscence gathered by nineteenth-century antiquarians, Faragher uses the methods of new social history to create a portrait of the man and the times he helped shape. Blending themes from a much vitalized Western and frontier history with the words and ideas of ordinary people, Faragher has produced a book that will stand as the definitive life of Daniel Boone for the next century.


(Boone), Hartley, Cecil B., LIFE OF DANIEL BOONE, THE GREAT WESTERN HUNTER AND PIONEER, Comprising an Account of His Early History; His Daring and Remarkable Career as the First Settler of Kentucky; His thrilling Adventures with the Indians, and His Wonderful Skill, Coolnes and Sagacity under All the Hazardous and Trying Circumstances of Western Border Life; To Which is Added: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY COMPLETE AS DICTATED BY HIMSELF, AND SHOWING HIS OWN BELIEF THAT HE WAS AN INSTRUMENT ORDAINED TO SETTLE THE WILDERNESS.
VG-- Interior hinges cracked; book otherwise clean and sound. Maroon boards in very nice condition with virtually no wear; slightly darkened gilt lettering on spine.
~~~ (NY: American Publishers Corporation, no date: circa 1900). REPRINT edition. [Originally published in 1859 by Lovell, Coryell & Co, New York]. Illustrated. 351 pages. Boone's autobiography, appended at the end, originally published in 1784.


(Boone), Houston, Peter (edited by Ted Franklin Belue), A SKETCH OF THE LIFE & CHARACTER OF DANIEL BOONE NEW copy. Pictorial blue jacket over blue cloth & tawny paper boards. (Stackpole Books, 1997). Illustrations, maps, photographs, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 81 pp. "Long ago Peter Houston's A SKETCH OF THE LIFE AND CHARACTER OF DANIEL BOONE should have been properly annotated & published. Ted Franklin Belue has done historians a genuinely useful service in transcribing into a readily available & readable form this insightful contemporary view of Daniel Boone & the times. This is an addition to the Daniel Boone--Frontier America story, casting a new first-hand & contemporary light on the subject."


(Boone), Maurice Manning, A COMPANION FOR OWLS: Being the Commonplace Book of D. Boone, Long Hunter, Back Woodsman &c. NEW copy. (Harcourt). POETRY. Hardcover with dust jacket. 128 pages.
~~~ Written in the voice of frontiersman Daniel Boone, A Companion for Owls captures all the beauty and struggle of nascent America. We follow the progression of Daniel Boone's life, a life led in war and in the wilderness, and see the birthing of a new nation. We meet the Cherokee, the Shawnee, and the Delaware peoples. We track the bountiful animals and the great, undisturbed rivers. We stand aside Boone as he buries his brother, then his wife, and finds comfort in his friendship with a slave named Derry.


(Boone), John James Van Noppen and Ina Woestemeyer Van Noppen, DANIEL BOONE, BACKWOODSMAN: The Green Woods Were His Portion. VG/VG. Jacket in mylar. (Boone, NC: The Appalachian Press, 1966). Illustrations, maps, bibliography, index, 209 pages.
~~~ From the Authors' Note: "The Green Woods Were His Portion deals chiefly with those members of the Boone Family who constantly moved on to form new counties and new states as long as America had land to be settled, but at the same time it depicts that integral part of American history, the ever-moving frontier. ~~~ For several years we, the authors, have sought in the British Isles the backgrounds of migrants to America during the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and their motives for coming. We have asked such questions as these: to what extent were these migrants' characters influenced by their Old World backgrounds? did they achieve their aims in America? These studies were brought into focus by tracing one family with strong family ties -- the Boones, grandparents, parents, son Daniel, and his progeny. In sociological terms this might be considered a case study of the Boones over a period of 170 years."


(Boone), Gary J. Sweeney, THE COLUMBUS OF THE WOODS: Daniel Boone and the Typology of Manifest Destiny. An Exhibition Commemorating the Columbian Quincentenary. Washington University Gallery of Art, 1992., Fine, as new. Wraps. Profusely illustrated, drawings, etchings, paintings, color plates, endnotes, bibliography, checklist of the exhibition, 83 pp.
~~~ This work is an excellent companion piece to an exhibition mounted at Washington University in St. Louis to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' landing. In using Columbus as a starting point, the exhibition emphasized that the myth-making surrounding Boone was first seen in the mythologization of Columbus. The emphasis is on the constructions which generations of Americans created of Boone, with a particular look at the visual arts.


(Boone), Steward Edward White, DANIEL BOONE: Wilderness Scout. The Life Story and True Adventures of the Great Hunter Long Knife Who First Blazed the Wilderness Trail Through the Indian's Country to Kentucky. VG/VG. Minor tears to head & heel of jacket spine, which is in a mylar protector. (NY: Garden City Publishing Company, 1922). Illustrated by James Daugherty. 308 pages.
~~~ Written by author for the Boy Scouts of America: "If the Boy Scouts would know a man who in his attitude toward the life to which he was called most nearly embodied the precepts of their laws let them look on Daniel Boone. Gentle, kindly, modest, peace-loving, absolutely fearless, a master of Indian warfare, a mighty hunter, strong as a bear and active as a panther, his life was lived in daily danger, almost perpetual hardship and exposure; yet he died in his bed at nearly ninety years of age."


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