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Bercovitch, Sacvan (ed). ELECTION DAY SERMONS: MASSACHUSETTS. AMS Press, 1984. NEW copy, still in shrinkwrap. Library binding.

~~~ Gathers facsimile reproductions of the original seventeenth-century printings of ten significant sermons preached in connection with Massachusetts election days, all illustrating the political questions of the day and their close association with religious considerations. Among the preachers are Thomas Shepard, John Higginson, William Stoughton, Samuel Willard, and others.

~~~ Formerly in print at $76.50. Now OUT OF PRINT.


Bliss, William Root, COLONIAL TIMES ON BUZZARD'S BAY. . NEW copy. TRADE PAPERBACK. Heritage Books, 2004 (reprint of original 1889 edition). Illustrations, index, 246 pages.

~~~ "Buzzard’s Bay is located in the Southeastern section of Massachusetts, and consists of more than 280 miles of coastline. A reflection of the life and spirit of colonial times, this work has a distinct flavor all its own. Beginning with the first settlers on the shores of Buzzard’s Bay, the author describes the interesting nature of these hard working, fair-minded and frugal people. He follows their history up until the coming of a railroad into the same region. A number of different resources were utilized in the preparation of this work. They including: The Records of the Rochester Propriety, beginning in the year 1679; The Agawame Booke of Records, beginning in 1685; The Records of Rochestertown, beginning in 1694; The Records of the Church and Town Wareham, beginning in 1739; The Diary and Account book of Israel Fearing of Agawame From 1720-1754. There can be found within the covers sixteen chapters on the following topics: The Lands of Sippican; The Agawame Plantation; Colonial Farmers; The Squire; The Birth of a Town; The Town’s Mind; Impressments for the King; The Town’s Meeting-House; A Sunday Morning in 1771; The Town’s Minister; The Town’s Schoolmaster; Town Life in the Revolution; Town Life After the War; The British Raid; The Town’s Bass-Viol (the controversy over an instrument - whether or not it should be used during worship services); and Final Transformations. Clearly written and interesting, this work contains illustrations, a map and a new fullname and subject index."


[Boucher] Zimmer, Anne E., JONATHAN BOUCHER: Loyalist in Exile . Wayne State University Press, Detroit, 1978. NEW copy, hardcover with dust jacket, still in shrinkwrap. Frontispiece, appendices, extensive notes, index, 395 pages.

~~~ "Jonathan Boucher (1738-1804) is best known as an imprtant American Tory, one of the few men actively concerned in events leading to the Revolutionary War who developed a comprehensive conservative political phlosophy.... Zimmer's study encompasses Boucher's political theory and also the pioneering lexical research to which he devoted the last years of his life. She includes a complete bibliography of the major sources for Boucher's life, of his published and unpublished writings, and of the important scholarly writing about him."
Originally published in 1978 at $17.95, now OUT OF PRINT.


Brown, Roger H, REDEEMING THE REPUBLIC: Federalists, Taxation & the Origins of the Constitution. NEW copy. Hardcover with dust jacket. (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993). Tables, appendices, notes, index, 337 pages.

~~~ From Booknews: Brown proposes a different motivation for drafting the US Constitution than has been heard before. The problem, he says, was the growing resistance to growing taxation, and the inability of state governments to collect it. The elite from the various states wanted a centralized power with the strength to make the unruly commoners pay for both the national and state governments.

~~~ In print at $39.95.


[Clark] Kenneth C. Carstens (editor & compiler), THE CALENDAR AND QUARTERMASTER BOOKS OF GENERAL GEORGE ROGERS CLARK'S FORT JEFFERSON, KENTUCKY, 1780-81. . NEW copy. TRADE PAPERBACK. Heritage Books, 2000. Indices, maps, 349 pages.

~~~ "Brief though the history of Fort Jefferson was, its records provide fascinating and heretofore unplumbed insights to the life of a frontier outpost. Kenneth C. Carstens has brought these materials together for the first time, adding additional data from the extensive collection of documentary material in the archives of Virginia. This book will be of great interest to the prosopographer, the genealogist, and the historian of Kentucky's earliest settlers. Reenactors who strive for authenticity in their historic costume designs and living history portrayals will find this work particularly useful. Part I, the Calendar, is a list of abstracted information, including the names of enlisting soldiers and their officers; requests for food, articles of clothing, weapons and other supplies; articles requested as gifts for Indians; reports of military actions at other forts; summaries of letters between important people such as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry; and much more. These abstracts give flesh and blood to the narrative, filling the scene with living men and women. Part II, "the Quartermaster Books" of John Dodge and Martin Carney, are reproduced line by line from the original books. These books contain 2,731 line item entries, identifying more than 280 persons and providing the following information: references to the movements of various military companies such as the Clarksville militia; a catalogue of arms, accourtrements, munitions, commodities and dry goods issued to officers, members of their companies, members of the militia and Indian allies; and an approximation of family size and activities pursued by men, women, and children while serving in a support capacity at Fort Jefferson and the civilian community of Clarksville. Introductory material and separate fullname indices are provided for each section, as well as maps delineating places mentioned in the text and a useful glossary of 18th century terms. Historical background is provided, describing George Rogers Clark's campaigns to seize Kaskaskia, Cahokia and Vincennes. "


[Clark] Kenneth C. Carstens (editor & compiler), GEORGE ROGERS CLARK'S FORT JEFFERSON, 1780-1781. . NEW copy. TRADE PAPERBACK. Heritage Books, 2005. Index, 270 pages.

~~~ "George Rogers Clark's fort at the mouth of the Ohio River represented Virginia's physical claim to her western eighteenth century border. It was also the only eighteenth century military and civilian settlement in Kentucky constructed at the command of the Virginia government. First sanctioned by Patrick Henry, then reaffirmed by Thomas Jefferson in 1780, George Rogers Clark built Fort Jefferson as his economic hub and military stronghold for the Illinois Battalion. Continual attacks by the Chickasaw Indians during the summer of 1780, led by a representative from the British southern Indian Department, foiled Clark's plans for Fort Jefferson and the community bearing his namesake. Although home to more than five hundred and fifty soldiers and civilians throughout its occupation, Fort Jefferson had to be abandoned only thirteen months and twenty days after it was settled. Kenneth Carstens has studied Fort Jefferson for twenty-four years and published books about Fort Jefferson and George Rogers Clark previously. He uniquely weaves historical fact with an unraveling of the minutia of Fort Jefferson history not previously told. Here, for the first time, is the complete story of Clark's Fort Jefferson and the many heroes and heroines of Revolutionary America on Virginia's western frontier."


[Clinton] Hanyan, Craig, and Mary L. Hanyan, DEWITT CLINTON AND THE RISE OF THE PEOPLE'S MEN. McGill-Queen's University Press, 1996.

~~~ NEW copy, hardcover with dust jacket. Appendices, extensive notes, index, 419 pages. A detailed examination of the development of the People's Party in New York and the interplay of interests and ideology behind the movement and the political culture that nurtured the Whig and Democratic parties of the time. 1996: 419 pages.
~~~ Currently in print at $75.


Corrigan, John, THE PRISM OF PIETY: Catholick Congregational Clergy at the Beginning of the Enlightenment. NF/NF. (Oxford University Press, 1991). 8.5x6. Extensive notes, index, 197 pages. (Originally in print at $55).


Crawford, Mary Caroline, LITTLE PILGRIMAGES AMONG OLD NEW ENGLAND INNS: Being An Account of Little Journeys to Various Quaint Inns and Hostelries of Colonial New England. . NEW copy. TRADE PAPERBACK. Heritage Books, (reprint of original 1907 edition). Illustrations, index, 381 pages.

~~~ Enthusiasts of early American culture surely will want to add this volume to their bookshelves. Contents include: 'When the Inn Was a Puritan Ordinary'; 'Madam Knight: Traveller and Tavern-keeper'; 'The Inns of Old Boston'; 'Some Revolutionary Taverns'; 'Some Rhode Island Taverns in Which History Was Made'; 'The Taverns That Entertained Washington'; 'Entertainment for Man and Beast'; 'Tavern Signs and Wonders'; 'Old Tavern Days in Newbury'; 'The Inns of Ipswich'; 'Some Portsmouth Publicans and Their Famous Guests'; 'Some Taverns of Romance'; 'When Lafayette Came Back.'


Driver, Clive E. (compiler), PASSING THROUGH: Letters & Documents Written in Philadelphia by Famous Visitors. NEW copy, trade PAPERBACK. (Rosenbach Museum & Library, 1982).

~~~ Drawings & photographs. Letters by William Penn, Samuel Adams, Lafayette, Benedict Arnold, Thomas Paine, George Washington, Joseph Priestly, Thomas Jefferson, Bronson Alcott, Audubon, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackery, Mark Twain, Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Abraham Lincoln, USS Grant, Longfellow, Oscar Wilde, Henry James, & Bram Stoker, among others. 126 pages.


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