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A comprehensive search of extant military records
for any American veteran from WWI through WWII.

Cost for initial search $10, non-refundable, per individual veteran. What this will get you is a list (sent by me via email) of existing individual records: what type (draft card, roster records, discharge papers, etc), where the veteran was posted and the year and month each record was issued. Often there are just a few records per veteran, but sometimes they can number a hundred or more. The most common records are monthly roster roll records. These don't usually contain a lot of information, but do confirm the location of the soldier for each day of the month, whether he is transferred, and to where, his rank, whether he is hospitalized, detached from his unit temporarily, what his duties are, whether he has been involved in any irregularities, has been reprimanded or imprisoned. Military decorations or commendations are usually NOT mentioned in roster roll records.

Once you receive my list, it is up to you to decide if there are any records of which you would like paper copies. Cost is $3 per individual record, non-refundable. Your initial $10 will count toward any records you purchase. No postage charge.

The records I have access to are microfilms of the original records, in electronic form. Unfortunately I am not permitted to save them as pdf or image files, so I cannot send them to you electronically. All I can do is call up each individual record and print it out. I have a high-resolution laser printer. The printed record I send you will be same quality as the microfilm, which is often somewhat poor, though legible. What I send you will be the same quality as if you went to the Library of Congress or National Archives yourself, located the records and printed them out yourself. On the whole the records are quite legible.

The difficulty most people have with these records is that they consist largely of cryptic military abbreviations and acronyms, so I translate each record into readable English. My translation is written in pencil on the bottom of each printed record, as well as precise information on his location and unit for that date.

If you have any questions, email me, BJ Omanson, at .

If you want searches done for two or more veterans, the cost for the initial search is $10 per veteran.


Click on the "Order" button below. On the first page, leave the shipping charge blank. In the final field on the page, "Additional information", type in all the basic information you have about your veteran. At the very least I need a full name, branch of service, and the dates of his or her service, even if only approximately. If you know rank, unit, or where they served, that would also be useful, but not necessary.

Once you have filled in that information, click on "Go To Payments" to complete your order. You should hear from me within 24 hours.


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