Peter Whitfield

Peter Whitfield (born 1947) is the English author of numerous historical and literary works. He lives in Genoa, Italy.


London: A Life in Maps
Mapping the World: A History of Exploration
The Image of the World: 20 Centuries of World Maps
Cities of the World: A History in Maps
New Found Lands: Maps in the History of Exploration
The Charting of the Oceans: Ten Centuries of Maritime Maps
Astrology: A History
The Mapping of the Heavens
Landmarks in Western Science: From Prehistory to the Atomic Age
Travel: A Literary History
The History of Science
Illustrating Shakespeare
Sir Francis Drake
The History of English Poetry
In A Nutshell: Darwin
The Mapmakers: a history of Stanfords
In a Nutshell: The Renaissance
Mapping Shakespeare's World
Oxford in Prints: 1675-1900
Charting the Oceans
A Universe of Books: Readings in World Literature
Grassic Gibbon and his World

Excerpt from Peter Whitfield's History of English Poetry,
read by Derek Jacobi

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