Saturday 22 May

142nd Day, Maritime Day, 223 Days to come

Left Tontouta 0001. Froze all the way to Sidney. Arrived here 0900. Bucked headwind all the way. Went to Red Cross O.C. #2 Elizabeth Bay Road. By 1100 was in town at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Sent $500 to my account S.D. With Lt. Don Hancy U.S.N. made a date for 1300 went to zoo in afternoon, then to Recreation Park in Ewing. The weather is much like S.F. cold (to us) and wet. The people are very friendly though a little hard to understand. It is sure nice to see tall buildings, pretty girls and eat good steak, not forgetting hot water, a real luxury.

Sunday 23 May

143rd Day, 4th Sunday after Easter, 222 Days to come

The soft bed last night proved too much, I slept until 1000, missed mass as a consequence. With blouse in cleaners, running around here in greens with flight jacket and raincoat. Staying at Red Cross O.C. for the duration. The Hotel Australia Lobby is full of the largest number of pretty girls looking for dates with marines. They are out for all they can get, but most of us are also so what the hell? Don't have the interest in running around I expected.

Monday 24 May

144th Day, 221 Days to come

Another day of rain. Saw some more of the city. I am getting around some but actually doing little. My main enjoyment is eating steaks and drinking good liquor. With the cold I don't feel the drink at all except in a warming way. Called Mrs. Mahoney at Brighton Le Sands, suburb of Sidney. She is cousin of Frank Gocher (San Francisco) will call her again tomorrow AM and arrange a meeting. The money is complicated at first. Rate of exchange now 1 = $3.26. Prices and taxi fares are reasonable enough though I us the latter too much. Tram fares are 1 or 2 D.

Tuesday 25 May

145th Day, 220 Days to come

Called Mrs. Mahoney this AM at 1100 met her daughter Mrs. Gloria Leghmann. Will go with Gloria and her husband to dinner tomorrow evening. Slept this afternoon and went to Monaco's this evening with an A.C.W. Joined party of fellows from squadron. Went home at 2400. Not a bad evening, had a good steak & good wine.

Wednesday 26 May

146th Day, 219 Days to come

Spent the day fiddling around as usual. Met Mrs. Leghmann at 1700. With her husband Jack went to Carlton for a drink then took a cab to their flat. Very swell couple in their thirties. Mrs. Mahoney came over with assorted relatives, Charlie Gocher and his wife. We had quite a talk, a nice dinner and played cards. Got to poker, my first game since I entered Marine corps. They can't play here. I made my cab fare home within about 30 min. Very enjoyable evening. Mrs. Mahoney is a prince. Naturally very glad to hear of Frank.

Thursday 27 May

147th Day, 218 Days to come

Finally managed to get my blouse out of hock today. Squadron party tonight at Princess. 4 per couple. Steak at 2230, began at 2100. The gal I took was best looking there but she got drunk and we left just before the steak. I drank over 1 qt champagne at one setting but hardly knew it. Took her home stupid and then hit the sack myself. Quite disgusted with her performance.

Friday 28 May

148th Day, 217 Days to come

After six days here it finally hit me. Seeing these fair complexions & blue eyes under dark hair bothered me & now I know why. V.J.. I suddenly realize just how much I want to see that girl again. She takes up where these girls leave off on looks, personality and morals. Lord if I ever catch her and she is as I think, I'll not let her go. Lt. Milton Vedder married a girl here that he met last Saturday. It is his business so I have no comments, though when I step it off she will be American and I think I already know her.

Saturday 29 May

149th Day, 216 Days to come

We unhappy and yet relieved to know we leave tomorrow AM 0545. Spent the day running around getting the last minute things, catching up on my drinking, etc. Went to Brighton, got home at 0200, packed and hit the sack.

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