Third Edition, for Use With Both U.S. Magazine Rifle Model 1903 and U.S. Rifle Model 1917

Lieutenant Colonel William C. Harllee, U.S. Marine Corps

VG+. Almost in "as issued" condition except for bent lower corner of cover. Contents clean & unmarked. Photographs, tables & diagrams throughout. 144 pages.

Copyright 1919 by Lieut. Col. William C. Harllee. Published, printed and sold by International Printing Company, 236 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. This is the shooting manual used the Marine Corps at Paris Island and Mare Island during World War I, and between the wars. Manual written by the Marine Corps officer responsible for turning the Marine Corps from mediocre to world-class marksmen and for designing the marksmanship training and shooting courses employed by all branches of the military during World War I.

Contents as follows: Title Page, Introduction, Table of Contents, Methods of Instruction, Gallery Practice. PART I. Parts of the Rifle, The Care and Cleaning of the Rifle, Army Qualification Course, Estimating Distance, Dimensions of Targets, O'clock of Hits, Force and Direction of Winds, Sight Setting, Aiming or Sighting, Holding the Rifle, Remark on Firing in All Positions, Zero of Rifle, Windage and Elevation, Keeping the Score Book, U.S. Rifle Model 1917, Range Duties, Score Taker's Record (Army Qualification Course). PART II. The Micrometer or Vernier, Notes on Shooting, Long Distance Practice, Practice with Telescopic Sights. PART III. 200-Yard Score Pages, 300-Yard Score Pages, Rapid Fire Score Pages, 500-Yard Score Pages, 600-Yard Score Pages, 800-Yard Score Pages, 1000-Yard Score Pages, Index of Conditions. PART IV. Extracts from Small Arms Firing Regulations, U.S. Navy, 1917. APPENDIX. Cleaning Rack and Cleaning Rods, Removal of Metal Fouling, The Swinging or Pendulum Target.