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click to enlarge Beney, Peter. , THE MAJESTY OF SAVANNAH. NEW copy. Hardcover. (Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co). 6x9. Color photographs, 96 pages.

~~~ This sixth volume in the Majesty series promises to thrill would-be photographers who dream of preserving the stately images of this classic city on film. A full-color collection of striking interiors and exteriors that can fit easily in a backpack, purse, or briefcase, The Majesty of Savannah is the only photographic collection of the city in its size and price range.
~~~ Pelican Publishing Company’s popular photographic and architectural Majesty series has traveled from its midsouthern base of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee to the east coast of Georgia, focusing its lens on another southern belle - the romantic port city of Savannah. Historian John Duncan reminisces of the city, "To the fast-paced outsider, the town might be a place of live oaks and dead people, but here the past is not past - it is very much alive."
~~~ Master photographer Peter Beney’s goal in creating this full-color compendium, The Majesty of Savannah, was to bring the past to life by capturing the unique and ever-copied architecture of the homes, offices, and monuments that overlook the skillfully designed, lush green squares in the heart of the city. He shows visitors and locals up-close details not seen from street level and invitation-only interiors, some re-creations, others continued preservation, of the slow and charmed lifestyle of the South.


click to enlarge Smith, Kathy. , SAVANNAH IN PLAIN VIEW. NEW copy. Hardcover. (Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co). 8˝x10. 120 b&w photos, 128 pages.

~~~ striking visual diary of Savannah, this lovely and haunting collection of photographs offers a distinctive portrayal of the city’s buildings, landmarks, and local scenery. Using a classic Diana toy camera circa 1962, photographer Kathy Smith presents dozens of images from around the city. The camera’s signature plastic lens produces images with soft, dreamlike effects, embracing the everyday scenes hidden in plain view throughout the Coastal Empire.
~~~ The ethereal yet nostalgic photographs capture the unusual or overlooked corners of the city. Talmadge Memorial Bridge, River Street, Abercorn Street, Leopold’s Ice Cream, and Savannah’s many spectacular gravesites are among the areas pictured. From the Bonaventure Cemetery to the Laurel Grove Cemetery and throughout Savannah’s Historic District, along the waterfront, and down the tree-lined streets, the book includes dozens of images that preserve Savannah in a timeless and beautiful moment.



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