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Bradley, John Ed, MY JULIET. NEW copy. Hardcover with dust jacket. (NY: Doubleday).

~~~ My Juliet tells the story of a struggling artist, Sonny LaMott, and his obsessive love for Juliet Beauvais, who is Thanatos and Eros all balled up into one nasty, irresistible package. Juliet returns to New Orleans after her years as an "actress" in California, thinking that her mother is about to die and that she will inherit the family mansion. But Juliet discovers she's been tricked by her mother, so this most fatale of femmes seeks out the damaged Sonny, who still can't resist her fifteen years after she crushed his heart. With ease, Juliet seduces him anew, nefarious purposes in mind.


click to enlarge [Flattmann] John R. Kempe. , ALAN FLATTMANN'S FRENCH QUARTER IMPRESSIONS. NEW copy. Hardcover. (Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co). 11x8.5. 121 color illustrations, 128 pages.

~~~ For more than forty years, world-renowned artist Alan Flattmann has used pastels to capture the unique architecture and the changing scene in New Orleans’ most historic neighborhood. In this, the first published collection of his work, over 120 color images portray landmarks like the French Market, St. Louis Cathedral, and Galatoire’s Restaurant.


click to enlarge [Flattmann] John R. Kempe. , THE PAINTINGS OF ALAN FLATTMANN: An Artist's Vision of New Orleans. NEW copy. Hardcover. (Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co). 11x11. 150 color illustrations, 128 pages.

~~~ With his evocative paintings of New Orleans, Alan Flattmann is one of the most renowned American pastel artists. The haunting images capture life around the city, from the soulful Vieux Carré to the stately Garden District to the mighty Mississippi. Cooks and customers contemplate the food in Galatoire’s kitchen; a waiter rests, exhausted, in a chair outside of Café Du Monde; a streetcar picks up passengers looking to escape the rain. For more than four decades, Flattmann has expressed the timeless charm, mysterious appeal, and friendly personalities of New Orleans.
~~~ The Crescent City shines as never before through Flattmann’s vibrant pastels. In this collection, Flatman and essayist John Kemp bring together scenes from the many neighborhoods of the city to complement the well-known images of the French Quarter. Accompanying these magnificent portraits, landscapes, and urban visions, Kemp’s essays articulate Flattmann’s unique perspective and technique.


click to enlarge Garvey, Joan B & Mary Lou Widmer. BEAUTIFUL CRESCENT: A History of New Orleans. NEW copy. Hardcover. (Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co). 6 x 9. 63 photos, 25 illustrations, 12 maps, glossary, bibliograpy, index, 320 pp.

~~~ Widely regarded as the definitive text for tourists and guides, this concise history directs the reader through the diverse traditions and cultures that have left an indelible mark on New Orleans. Chapters include details of the city’s founding, changing European rule, slavery, and much more. The updates in this latest edition include histories of jazz and the African American community, as well as why the Crescent City is so bright and colorful to the present-day visitor. With lists of notable figures and events, this reference volume is a must for historians, tour guides, and lovers of the Big Easy.


Hall, Barbara, A SUMMONS TO NEW ORLEANS. NEW copy. Hardcover with dust jacket, Simon & Schuster, 286 pages.
~~~ Drawn from the author's own experience, A Summons to New Orleans is a wonderfully written and beautifully crafted novel of three women and their fateful reunion that propels each one to search her past -- together their shocking revelations test the true limits of loyalty, friendship and trust.


Lochte, Dick, THE NEON SMILE. NEW copy. Hardcover with dust jacket. (Simon & Schuster). 332 pages.

~~~ When Terry Manion, the New Orleans private investigator introduced in Blue Bayou, agrees to work for Pierre Reynaldo, the king of exploitation TV, he doesn't have a clue about what he's getting into. Reynaldo wants to reopen a case the police slammed shut thirty years ago - the racially motivated murder of Tyrone Pano, a black militant leader. But the more Manion learns about the case, the more personal it becomes. Both Manion's father and his revered mentor, J. J. Legendre, had ties to Pano that might have been better left buried. The Neon Smile takes the reader back to 1965, a fateful year for J. J. Legendre. It is then that Legendre, a young and cynical homicide detective, tackles both the Pano case and a series of brutal murders committed by a killer as clever as he is cold-blooded. Each victim is found with a voodoo doll, the signature previously employed by a nineteenth-century murderer known as the "Meddler". Legendre connects past and present to end the Meddler's new reign of terror. But things are never what they seem in the Big Easy, and three decades later Manion must make a couple of connections his mentor missed - between the Meddler killings and the Pano case, between the violent unrest of the sixties and today's more subtle racial politics.


click to enlarge Masson, Ann M. & Lydia H. Schmalz. CAST IRON AND THE CRESCENT CITY. NEW copy. Trade paperback. (Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Co). 6 x 9. 43 photos, 25 illustrations, 56 pp.

~~~ Familiar to both locals and visitors, cast iron artistry remains an iconic characteristic of New Orleans. This pictorial study traces the iron work’s history from its origins in England in the sixteenth century, to the establishment of the Leeds Iron Foundry in New Orleans in 1825, and cast iron’s evolution into contemporary times.
~~~ Mass-production methods made cast iron available for numerous types of building materials, and it was used for both decorative and structural purposes. In addition to noting the application of the material for bridges, beams, and girders, the book cites cast iron’s popularity for fireplace fronts, mantels, and furniture.
~~~ Because it was more durable than wood and cheaper than wrought iron, cast iron was available in many patterns. Ornate illustrations depict the various patterns of cast iron that have been used over the years, while sections of the text detail the difference between cast iron and wrought iron.
~~~ Photographs portray examples of cast iron throughout the city of New Orleans, with the address of each establishment as a caption. The book also provides a list of local firms that specialized in ornamental iron working.


[Rice] Joy Dickinson, HAUNTED CITY: An Unauthorized Guide to the Magical, Magnificent New Orleans of Anne Rice. NEW copy. Trade paperback. (Citadel Press. Third Edition, newly updated and expanded.

~~~ This guide offers a walking tour of all New Orleans hotels, grave sites, streets, and places mentioned or evoked in Anne Rice's novels. Maps & photos.



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