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Browning, Mary A., REMEMBERING OLD JAMESTOWN: A Look Back at the Other South. NEW copy, trade paperback. (Charleston: The History Press, 2008). 6x9. Over 40 images, 128 pages.

~~ Founded by Quakers in the late eighteenth century, Jamestown, North Carolina, has a rich heritage that distinguishes it from many neighboring Southern communities. Join local historian Mary A. Browning as she relates these short tales of the town's colorful past, drawn from her column in the Greensboro News & Record.


Maden, Sue & Rosemary Enright, JAMESTOWN: A History of Narragansett Bay's Island Town. NEW copy, trade paperback. (Charleston: The History Press, 2010). 6x9. Over 75 images, 192 pages.

~~ Jamestown’s history has been formed—both for good and ill—by its geography. The town officially encompasses three islands in Narragansett Bay—Conanicut, Dutch and Gould—plus a number of small islets known as “dumplings.” Jamestown was part of the larger world when merchants and travelers used the common roadway of the bay. As the speed of transportation on land increased, that same bay isolated the town. Reliable ferry transport fostered the growth of a low-key resort, and the bridges that followed moved the community from resort to suburb. The changes have left Jamestowners torn. Some look back nostalgically at the ferries and the solitude they allowed, while others look forward to a vibrant village and grand suburban homes. Still, whether one is reviewing Jamestown’s past or anticipating its future, the constraints of its geography remain forever unchanged.



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