Transport of the U.S. Marines, 1916~1946

A brief history of the USS Henderson
Her Equipment
~ N E W ~
Her Maiden Voyage
Her Ten Wartime Voyages
The Loss of the USS Antilles
The Ramming of the U-139
The Collision with the USS Finland
Life on the High Seas through
the Eyes of the Ship's Cartoonist
Roll of Ship's Officers as of May 1919
Photographs of the Henderson
being loaded at Quantico, February 1927
Photographs from a Voyage through
the Panama Canal to Nicaragua,
April 1927
Photographs from a Voyage
to Shanghai, China, May 1927
Mascots of the Henderson
~ N E W ~
An Evening's Entertainment aboard the USS Henderson
on the Event of the Crossing of the International Date Line,
20 December 1939, en route to Guam, and then on to Shanghai