Helmet with affixed EGA device
dug from Belleau Wood?

Not long ago the following helmet appeared for auction on Ebay. It was described as follows:

"This is a US model 1917 helmet. It has an Eagle/Globe/Anchor device affixed to the front. It was dug up during last summer next to a feild near the village of belleau, France. Just on the northern edge of the infamous Belleau wood, which was so hotly contested by the Germans during the battle of june-july, 1918. The wood was eventually taken by units of the US 2nd division, including the 5th and 6th marine infantry regiments. This helmet remains as it was found. No attempt to clean it up has been made. The EGA device shows a good ammount of detail. Although there is no liner or original paint, this helmet has survived its 80 years underground quite well. There are no major pits in the shell or the EGA device. A fascinating relic of the USMC in France."

One of our listmembers who has published a book on WWI USMC equipment, expressed surprise that the helmet is described as a US Model 1917, as to his knowledge the Marines were all using British helmets at the time. It should also be noted that to date there exists no conclusive evidence that any Marines wore EGA devices on their helmets while at Belleau Wood. Indeed, an order expressly forbidding the affixing of EGA devices on helmets had been issued several months before.

We are by no means asserting that this helmet is either authentic or inauthentic. We wish merely to point out that if this helmet is indeed authentic, then it is of genuine historic importance and we would very much hope that further information regarding its provenance will come to light.

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