Ronald J. Brown

Presidio Press, 2001. NEW copy. Hardcover with dust jacket. Photographs, maps, bibliography, index, 430 pages. From the Publisher: "The Fighting Fifth Marines is the USMC's most decorated regiment. Its list of honor is a long and distinguished one encompassing France in World War I, Nicaragua during the Banana Wars, the Pacific theater in World War II, every Marine campaign in the Korean War, five years of combat in Vietnam, and the liberation of Kuwait." "The story of the 5th Marines closely parallels the history of the modern Marine Corps. Arguably, no single American Regiment has played such a crucial role on so many battlefields. In June 1918 when the German army dashed toward Paris, a French staff officer ordered the American Marines to fall back. Captain Lloyd Williams of the 5th Regiment changed the course of the war when he yelled, "Retreat, Hell! We just got here!" The enemy advance was stopped cold and the Allied march to victory never faltered thereafter." "Notable engagements in places such as Guadalcanal, Okinawa, the Pusan Perimeter, Inchon, Chosin, Hue City, and the Persian Gulf dot the heroic lineage of the 5th Marines. Fighting Fifth alumnus Red Mike Edson won the Medal of Honor at Guadalcanal. It was for his combat with the bureaucratic forces that warred against the continued existence of the Marine Corps as a post-World War II armed force, however, that won Edson the undying reverence of his fellow Marines. Lew Walt earned three Navy Crosses over the course of three wars with the 5th Marines. James Webb was one of the Vietnam War's most decorated platoon leaders as a 5th Marine and later became secretary of the navy." "The regiment has fought and won hundreds of unknown battles. Anonymous warriors toiling without praise in peacetime and silently sacrificing their personal well-being in far-flung lands during war: These, the men of the 5th Marine Regiment, are owed an immmense debt of gratitude by the nation. A Few Good Men serves to make a major payment on this debt."