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click to enlarge Bell, Graham K. MURDER, INC.: The Maria's Hit Men in New York City NEW copy, trade paperback. (Charleston: The History Press, 2010). 6x9. 16 images. 128 pages.
~~ Beginning in the 1920s, an all-star team of goons, gunmen and garrotters transformed America’s criminal landscape. Its membership was diverse; the mob recruited men from all ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Most were natives of the Big Apple, handpicked from the city’s toughest neighborhoods: Brownsville, Ocean Hill, Flushing. So prolific were their exploits that the media soon dubbed this bevy of hired hands Murder, Incorporated. The brainchild of aging mob bosses, including Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, this ruthless hit squad quickly captured America’s attention, making headlines coast to coast for over two decades. As for who these men were and how their partnership came to be, join author Graham Bell as he sheds light on this dark history of the Mafia’s most notorious crime syndicate.


click to enlarge Schwarz, Ted. SHOCKING STORIES OF THE CLEVELAND MOB. NEW copy, trade paperback. (Charleston: The History Press, 2010). 6x9. Over 40 images. 128 pages.
~~ They are the dirty little secrets of Cleveland’s past, mob guys so good—or so bad—that you rarely hear their stories. Men such as Micky McBride turned newsboys into sluggers, gave bookies a run for suckers’ losing bets and created the Cleveland Browns when football was still a sport the players knew how to win. There was the Jewish Navy, taking laundry trucks to Canada and bringing back barges filled with booze. Then there were the rug joints—the Harvard Club, the Beverly Hills Club, the Mounds Club—where Moe Dalitz mastered the art of taking your money and helped build Las Vegas, the best “man trap” in America. Join author Ted Schwarz as he tracks wanted killers through the Statler Hotel and navigates the secret history of the Cleveland mob.


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