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Cantor, George. BAD GUYS IN AMERICAN HISTORY. . NF, trade paperback. (Taylor). 7x10, illustrated, 188 pp.
~~~ Tells the stories of some of our country's most compelling outlaws, from their first crimes to final fates, providing valuable information on the locations of their thefts, murders, and shootouts should you wish to visit the infamous places yourself.


Balsamo, William & John. YOUNG AL CAPONE: The Untold Story of Scarface in New York, 1899-1925. NF/NF, hardcover with dust jacket. (Skyhorse). 16 pages of photographs, 270 pp.
~~~ Most people know Al Capone as the "untouchable" Chicago gangster most famous for orchestrating the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. But Capone's remarkable story began in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn, and this is the era investigated here.


Eig, Jonathan, GET CAPONE: The Secret Plot That Captured America's Most Wanted Gangster. NF/NF, hardcover with dust jacket. (NY: Simon & Schuster). 26 pages of photographs, 468 pp.
~~~ Drawing on thousands of pages of recently discovered government documents, wiretap transcripts, and Al Capone's handwritten personal letters, Eig tells the dramatic story of the rise and fall of the nation's most notorious criminal in rich new detail. Explores every facet of the man called "Scarface."


Jacobson, Mark. AMERICAN GANGSTER: And Other Tales of New York. . NF, trade paperback. (Black Cat). 268 pp.
~~~ In the 1970s, Frank Lucas was the king of the Harlem drug trade. He lived a glamorous life, hobnobbing with famous athletes and musicians, but Lucas was also a ruthless gangster. His story is told here, along with other tales of New York from the past 30 years.


Schlossheimer, Michael, GUNMEN AND GANGSTERS: Profiles of Nine Actors Who Portrayed Memorable Screen Tough Guys. NEW copy, trade PAPERBACK, 7x10. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. Publishers, 2002). Photographs, flimographies, bibliography, index, 359 pp.
~~~ Gangsters such as Al Capone and Lucky Luciano were considered by many people to be the most exciting personalities of the 1920s and 1930s. The public was hungry for press coverage about these mysterious and dangerous men. Most reports about them were sketchy, as the reporters did not want to get on the bad side of the racket bosses. Hollywood’s response to the public’s fascination was to portray the lives of gangsters on the movie screen, using actors such as Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, and Edward G. Robinson. Perhaps surprisingly, these men received not-so-favorable reviews from the Academy Award voters, and as their popularity grew with the public, censorship dictated other actors be brought in to play the roles. ~~~ That’s what this book is about—the personal and professional lives of William Bendix, Charles Bickford, Ward Bond, Broderick Crawford, Brian Donlevy, Paul Douglas, William Gargan, Barton MacLane, and Lloyd Nolan, second-string actors who replaced the big names and did a memorable job. A filmography is supplied for each actor.


Shadoian, Jack. DREAMS AND DEAD ENDS: The American Gangster Film . NEW copy, trade paperback, 9x6. (Oxford University Press, 2003). Photographs, notes, bibliography, index, 400 pp.
~~~ Dreams and Dead Ends provides a compelling history of the twentieth-century American gangster film. Beginning with Little Caesar (1930) and ending with Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (1995), Jack Shadoian adroitly analyzes twenty notable examples of the crime film genre. Moving chronologically through nearly seven decades, this volume offers illuminating readings of a select group of the classic films--including The Public Enemy, D.O.A., Bonnie and Clyde, and The Godfather--that best define and represent each period in the development of the American crime film. Richly illustrated with more than seventy film stills, Dreams and Dead Ends details the evolution of the genre through insightful and precise considerations of cinematography, characterization, and narrative style. This updated edition includes new readings of three additional movies--Once Upon a Time in America, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, and Criss Cross--and brings this clear and lively discussion of the history of the gangster film to the end of the twentieth century.
~~~ "Dreams and Dead Ends is quite a remarkable book. One would expect a formal, academic theorist to discuss the great and near-great American gangster movies in terms much duller than the films themselves. Not here, for Mr. Shadoian's essays are aggressive, readable, and often profound. He has a fine, firm grasp of photography, composition, editing, direction, acting, and screenwriting. His cultural and sociological observations are brilliant. He traces the development of gangster films from Little Caesar to Point Blank with sure-footed finesse, and ends up by admitting that, as the latest cycle has only just begun, predictions regarding its course would be presumptuous and foolish. Recommended."--Media Review Digest
~~~ "Shadoian's expansive coverage of the sociopolitical and cultural background of the films and their interrelated styles and themes is extremely cogent. The chosen films are familiar to anyone interested in this popular genre, but the films have seldom been written about as incisively. Shadoian communicates a thorough understanding of film noir, that often quixotically misdefined entity so crucial to movies of the 1940s and 1950s, and for quality alone, his book is one of the best (if not the best) ever written on the subject." --Library Journal
~~~ "A provocative and probing analysis of the gangster-crime film as a visual literature with unique perceptions of American social and urban problems. Dreams and Dead Ends is a seminal work for the structuring of film criticism around genres.... The most analytical, current, and comprehensive work on the genre."--Choice
~~~ "The unusual depth and detail provided in the examination of each film provides rich material for reader thought and reaction. Arrangement of the study is logical and natural with justification provided for the author's selections. The volume is a model of genre study that helps to advance the art of film criticism. Highly recommended."--Cinema Booklist


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