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Burkhead, Michael Dow. THE SEARCH FOR THE CAUSES OF CRIME: A History of Theory in Criminology . NEW copy, trade paperback, 6x9. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. Publishers, 2006 [1994]). Photographs, tables, diagrams, notes, bibliography, index, 276 pp.
~~~ For centuries scholars have studied the possible causes of criminal behavior in the hopes of shedding light on one of societyís most persistent problems. This volume examines criminology from the perspective of those centuries of study. Written by a psychologist who has worked extensively with the criminal population, it focuses on the diverse theories that have been offered and the ways in which they contribute to the modern view of the criminal.
~~~ The correlates of crime such as age, gender, race and IQ are discussed along with more random factors such as choice and chance. Theories of biology, psychology and sociology are all discussed. Criminological sources from the 18th century through the end of the 20th are cited and major developments noted. Finally, a brief preview of 21st century criminology considers how the lessons of the past might be adapted and drawn upon for future discoveries. Films, directors, actors, producers, screenwriters, art directors, themes, plot devices and many other elements are contained in this encyclopedic reference work. Each movie entry includes full filmographic data (studio, running time, production and cast credits, and plot synopsis) along with an analysis of its place in the genre. Biographical entries focus on the personís role in noir and provide a complete filmography of their film noir work. Terms are placed in the context of the genre and relevant examples from films are given.


Salerno, Roger A. SOCIOLOGY NOIR: Studies at the University of Chicago in Loneliness, Marginality and Deviance, 1915-1935 . NEW copy, trade paperback, 6x9. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. Publishers, 2007). 7 photographs, bibliography, index, 196 pp.
~~~ Between 1915 and 1935 the University of Chicago was the center for the production of innovative sociological research that unearthed the marginalized existence of unconventional Americans. Referred to as the Chicago school monographs by social historians, these works brought acclaim to the countryís premiere graduate program in sociology. Working at the shadowy margins of the city, these Chicago school scholars dramatically examined the lives of delinquents, prostitutes, gangsters, and homeless men. Their work harmonized with narratives of proletarian and pulp fiction and the serialized newspaper accounts of urban vice and deviance. This book offers a survey of some of these key monographs such as The Unadjusted Girl, The Hobo, The Jack-Roller and The Taxi Dance Hall.



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