Unpaginated paper pictorial souvenier (10.5" x 14"), bound by a blue ribbon, probably distributed to members of the Second Marine Division sometime before their demobilization. 40 pages.

There is some soiling and wear to the exterieor of the booklet, and the corners of the whole booklet are no longer crisp. Also, the booklet has been folded (though not creased) in the middle. It may well have been folded by the original owner in order to fit it more easily into his kit.

There are usually three to six photos per page (reverse of each page is blank). These are NOT high quality photos, so the detail is not always easy to make out. The value of this publication is not in the quality of the photographic record, but rather in the fact that this is a document which was produced during the Occupation and distributed to the troops. Also, in all liklihood, most of these photos were never published anywhere else.

Final page reads: "This pictorial booklet of the 2d Marine Division, Commanded by Major General Leroy P. Hunt, USMC, has been published under the supervision of the Division Special Services Section with the assistance of the Division Photographic and Reproduction Sections. Individual credit to Pfc. Leo L. Wengert and Pfc. Herman E. Erke."